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Dr Thorsten Scheiner is a mathematics teacher educator and mathematics education researcher who has worked in universities in Australia, Germany and New Zealand. His expertise is in researching and supporting the learning of mathematics teachers, with a focus on creating transformative learning environments that enable teachers to identify and capitalise on students' mathematical strengths. This not only promotes enriched mathematical learning for all students, but also highlights the central role of strengths-based approaches. Such strategies are essential for promoting inclusive and equitable mathematics education and for fostering positive mathematical identities among students of all diversity backgrounds.

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2023 "Shifting the ways prospective teachers frame and notice student mathematical thinking: from deficits to strengths”, Educational Studies in Mathematics.

2023 "On the relationship between school mathematics and university mathematics: a comparison of three approaches”, ZDM–Mathematics Education.

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Aug 2023 "On noticing and framing of student mathematical thinking", Conference of the European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction. Thessaloniki, Greece.

Jul 2023 "Established and emerging theoretical perspectives on teacher noticing", 46th Conference of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education. Haifa, Israel.

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Changing the world, one classroom at a time.


Scheiner's research explores the critical skill of noticing students’ mathematical strengths and the challenges posed by deficit-based thinking in mathematics education. To address this issue, he designs learning environments to foster mathematics teachers' ability to critically reflect on their framing and noticing of students' thinking and reorient their focus towards recognising strengths.


Learning and Cognition in Mathematics 

with an emphasis on students' mathematical thinking and learning at secondary and university level

Teacher Education and Professional Development 

with an emphasis on mathematics teacher knowledge and teacher noticing

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Graduate Mathematics Education 

"Noticing students’ mathematical strengths: A teacher's guide", Free University of Berlin, Germany. Summer 2023. 

Graduate Mathematics Education 

"Empowering math learners: Unlocking potential with engaging tasks and emerging technologies", Free University of Berlin, Germany. Summer 2023. 

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