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Thorsten Scheiner is a researcher and educator in the field of mathematics education. His research program focuses on enhancing the teaching and learning of mathematics at the secondary and university levels for all students. In particular, this research program advances conceptual understanding and theory in two interrelated research areas of mathematics education: (a) the nature and development of secondary mathematics teachers' knowledge and noticing, and (b) the nature and development of key processes in students' advanced mathematical thinking and learning. He has been a Lecturer in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Auckland in New Zealand before becoming a Research Fellow at the Institute for Learning Sciences and Teacher Education at ACU Brisbane in Australia. 

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2022 "On metaphors in thinking about preparing mathematics for teaching”, Educational Studies in Mathematics, 111(2), 253-270.

2022 "Examining assumptions about the need for teachers to transform subject matter into pedagogical forms accessible to students”, Teachers and Teaching: Theory and Practice, 28(1), 1-11.

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Jul 2022 "Exploring deficit-based and strengths-based framings in noticing student mathematical thinking", 45th Conference of PME, Alicante, Spain.

Apr 2022 "Shifting framings in teacher noticing: From deficits to strengths in student mathematical thinking", 2022 Annual Meeting of AERA, San Diego, USA.

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Learning and Cognition in Mathematics 

with an emphasis on students' mathematical thinking and learning at secondary and university level

Teacher Education and Professional Development 

with an emphasis on mathematics teacher knowledge and teacher noticing

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Undergraduate Mathematics

"MATHS 108: General Mathematics", The University of Auckland, New Zealand. Semester II 2018. 

Graduate Mathematics Education 

"MATHS 709: Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching", The University of Auckland, New Zealand. Semester II 2018. 

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